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Because it was the actions of men that overfished the Oyster Rock that was their permanent habitat, it will be the actions of men that restore the native Crassostrea Virginica as the viable resource that once dominated and defined the Chesopioc.

Here is your opportunity to replenish the oyster supply in the Chesapeake Bay, create a natural habitat, help control shoreline erosion and clean up the bay.

Ready Reef outshines the competition in erosion control in comparison to the competition. From environmental contribution to cost for a typical installation. 

Other Comparisons
Category ReadyReefs Oyster Gardening State Shell Pile Reefs Private Commercial Oyster Leases
Use of increasingly rare oyster shells per Ft2 of oyster habitat created Low Very Low Very high From low to very high depending on methods
Use of the wild oyster vs sterile nursery oysters High Low Low No 
Re-stablishment of wild oyster habitat/population Permanent No Low No 
Permit Requirements under Dock Simple General 3 Permit Simple General 3 Permit NA NA
Water Filtering potential over time High Low Low Low
Protection of shoreline marsh grasses Yes No No No
Potential for Poaching No Yes Yes Yes
Harvestable for Personal use Yes Yes No No
Harvestable for Commercial use No No Yes Yes
More Other
More Other ReadyReefs Oyster Castles WADS, Hex Boxes Reef Balls
Availability to Private property owners Yes No, Nature Conservancy Only Yes No, CBF only
Permit required for shoreline use Yes Yes Yes Yes, but not usually used here

All comparisons generalized as all installations have variable conditions, scale, access, etc., but are supportable by available data (upon request).


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