Why Choose Ready Reef Over Riprap

At Ready Reef, we believe in creating a sustainable, eco-friendly solution to erosion control, this is why we are a better option for your property shoreline than riprap. Riprap is made from various rock types to line your shoreline. Other features like riprap include jettys, breakwaters and tombolos. While using riprap is common practice, it is not the best solution. In the chart below you can see the benefits of using Ready Reef in comparison to riprap.

Erosion Control Purposes
Category Ready Reefs and Living Shorelines On Embankment Riprap
Cost (typical installation) $25 - $100/ft+ $90 - $1,000/ft+  
Shoreline Environmental Contribution Very High Low
Biologic Species Recruitment Very High Very Low
Denuding and Bank Cut Back Necessity No Yes
Pre-seeding Structure with Live Oysters Yes No
Longterm Maintenance No Probable
Longterm Effectiveness Increases Stays the same
Natural Solution Using Native Marine Materials Yes No
Financial Incentives, including Grant Potential  Yes No
Regulatory Environment Positive Negative

All comparisons generalized as all installations have variable conditions, scale, access, etc., but are supportable by available data (upon request).